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Do All Marine Service's Boat and Yacht Hull and Bottom Cleaning Service

Do All Marine Services knows the effects of a fouled hull. Instead of a smooth, clean hull slipping through the water, marine growth creates drag, reducing speed. Extra demand on engines to maintain speed means increased fuel use, an added cost regardless of vessel size. Fouling is the result of marine growth, a constant process which begins between one and four months. Fouling occurs even on a newly painted clean hull treated with the best toxic paints. On bare aluminum and painted hulls, if left unchecked, growth continues until the anti-fouling coat or the aluminum metal is penetrated where finally the hull itself is damaged.

Tests show a fouled hull can increase fuel cost by 15% - 20% or more.



Do All Marine Service’s Commitment to Protecting your investment:
Quality Control is a major focus!
*Do All Marine Service’s quality control foreman is responsible for spot checking divers daily to ensure the job is done to our high standards.

Hull Cleaning includes:
Sailboats$3 / ft$2.75 / ft$2 / ft$1.50 / ft
Powerboats up to 49 ft$3 / ft$2.75 / ft$2 / ftNA
Powerboats 50 ft +30¢ / sq ft28¢ / sq ft20¢ / sq ftNA
* Heavily fouled hulls are subject to higher rates.

Running Gear Only
    $50 per hour, one hour minimum
Zinc Replacement (Labor)
    $50 for up to three zincs
    $10 each additional zinc
    $10 each if performed during cleaning
Debris Removal
    $50 minimum
    $15 additional if done during cleaning
Propeller Service
    $100 each for removal and installation
    $50 per trip fee
    $50 per hour, one hour minimum
Lost Items
    $50 per hour, one hour minimum
Emergency Call-Out
    $50 per hour additional fee

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